Why Homeowners are

Switching to Artificial Lawns

Why Home Owners Are Switching To Artificial Lawns
Artificial grass has continued to grow in popularity over the years and with the amazing benefits it has as well as its pleasing colors, it isn’t hard to see why. This turf is a true investment to your home that can provide you with a quality lawn without the worry of expensive maintenance while increasing the value of your home! Below we can look into all the great benefits of artificial grass and see why homeowners are making the switch!
Grass That Is Greener

Artificial grass is much greener than traditional sod without the need for constant watering. When the sun is beating down on your natural sod yard it dries out the grass and gives a dull and brown look, but with turf, you never have to worry about it losing its color. Artificial grass is a great solution for any homeowner that wants green grass all year round no matter what season it is!

Easy Maintenance
Turf is one of the easiest maintained lawn options there are because it never will require any watering to keep it looking its best. With this turf, all you have to do is lay it in place and enjoy its beauty. Its rich green color is guaranteed to last with minimal maintenance and will never require pesticides, harmful chemicals, or any mowing which saves on both time and money.
Saves Money
When thinking about your yard it doesn’t seem like it would be much more to maintain your natural sod compared to artificial turf. Once you get out and get your hands on your yard though it’s a different story. A regular sod grass yard requires frequent watering to keep it looking its best and ensure it has that rich green color that homeowners desire. Other than watering, much more goes into keeping a lawn looking its best that artificial turf doesn’t require. The expenses of the equipment to maintain a sodded yard can be expensive and then still require other expenses between electricity and fuel. This is not only bad for your wallet but can be bad for the environment.
Eco-Friendly Lawn
Turf is more environmentally friendly than even natural grass because of the easy maintenance that comes along with it. Artificial grass doesn’t require any watering to keep it looking its best and you never have to worry about cutting it with an electric or gas mower. To keep your grass looking great it can be sprayed off briefly with a hose or swept to remove dirt and debris. This turf never needs any chemicals to make it look or feel better such as weed killers or pesticides making it great for the environment.
Why You Should Make The Switch
Making the switch to an artificial grass yard is a great decision that can mean more money in your pocket, a great carbon footprint, greener grass, and increased value to your home. The upfront cost of artificial turf may be worrisome but it is well worth it in the end to have a great yard that has many benefits for you and your home!