Who Do We Service?

Residential Grass Installation

We provide fast, affordable service for homeowners in the Los Angeles area! We understand that everyone’s yard is different and every landscape is unique. Our expert team at Artificial Grass Los Angeles is hand-picked to give you a complete, custom installation of artificial grass for your front lawn, garden, or backyard! We provide durable and long-lasting synthetic grass that comes in a variety of face weights. We offer low face weight systems for lawns that are just for show and high face weight systems to create a more realistic look to your grass.

Commercial Grass Installation

We offer a myriad of commercial applications for our artificial grass installation services. There’s no need to let your business be overtaken by the concrete jungle. If you’re looking to make your business look lively with a beautiful landscape and not spend a fortune on watering and maintaining real grass, we can help. Our artificial grass can also benefit commercial sports applications as well. Tennis courts, putting greens, soccer fields and more! We can even install our artificial grass for a safer school playground to enjoy! Whatever your business is for, the benefits of artificial grass are tough to beat.

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What Can We Do?

We offer services to fit all of the synthetic grass needs your home or business may have. With the installation of your artificial turf, wholesale options for when you’re not ready for installation, and a variety of face weight selections for your yard, we do it all!

We Are Offer A Strong Warranty:

Commercial 5 Years

Residential 10 years

artificial grass installation

Artificial Grass Installation

Our team of skilled installation experts is prepared for all the factors that go into a satisfactory artificial grass installation project. They will pretreat the soil in your yard to ensure no weeds grow up to damage your new turf. Our team can even stretch your new grass to ensure it fits every unique angle and corner of your yard.

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Wholesale Options

Does your budget not include the price of installation? Are you a veteran do-it-yourselfer looking for the next big project? Either way, we also offer wholesale options aside from our installation services. You can always depend on Artificial Grass Los Angeles whether we do the install or not.

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An Assortment of Face Weights

Our company can provide a variety of face weight options to suit both your budget and your landscape’s needs. If you’re working with a stricter budget, we can offer several lower face weight options. If you need a yard that looks as real as possible, our selection of turf with a higher face weight is sure to satisfy.

We Are Offering

Wholesale Prices.

Purchase in Bulk From Us and Get a Special Price
For Your Orders. We Can Create An Environment
That’s Beyond Your Imagination.

Nationwide provider of artificial turf designed for landscapes, putting
greens, sports and pets. Factory direct same-day shipping, all at
wholesale prices.

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We Use Award-Winning Material

Affordable Pricing

No matter your budget, we have a selection that will fit your needs and your wallet.

Licensed & Bonded

We are licensed, bonded, and certified to guarantee you total satisfaction with our services.

Best Quality, Strong Warranty

Our company provides the highest quality service in Los Angeles and a strong warranty to back it up.

15 Years Of Experience

We come together with years of combined experience to ensure we have all the knowledge to get the job done right.

Why Choose Us?

Before you rush to submit an order we suggest you read on to discover some of our benifits.

Best Company in Los Angeles

No other artificial turf installation company can compete with our prices, quality, and customer service.

Quality Material

We only work with industry-leading materials in order to be sure our customers have the best looking yards around.

Secure & Insured

If anything were to happen with your yard during installation, you can feel secure knowing we’re insured.

Top Rated Company

Our company is rated as one of the top companies in the Los Angeles area!

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    Linda Garcia

    10 reviews

    I’ve never had artificial grass as my yard before. But with Artificial Grass Los Angeles, they’ve certainly changed my mind! The entire process was so easy and I love the look and feel of my new yard!

    Mike Amarth

    10 reviews

    My new lawn is better than I could have dreamed of! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to be working with. They were courteous, kind, and respectful of me and my home. Thank you so much for bringing this all to reality!

    Jessica Simons

    10 reviews

    I was dead tired of all the hassle that comes with a natural yard. Constantly cutting, watering, and fertilizing to keep it looking fresh and green. Thanks to this company, I’ll never have to worry about that headache ever again! I highly recommend their services.

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    What is Face Weight?

    The face weight of synthetic turf is the weight of the yarn in one square yard of grass. This covers the blades and thatch only and does not include the infill or backing. Face weight commonly ranges from about 30 ounces to roughly 90 ounces in most products. The higher the face weight, the more realistic your artificial lawn will appear.

    How Do I Know What Face Weight to Use?

    When choosing a face weight for your artificial grass, you should consider two factors. What is your budget range? What will your turf be used for? If it’s for your home and you have a little wiggle room in your budget, it’s recommended to go for a higher face weight for a more realistic yard. If it’s for a sports court, a lower face weight can be more beneficial.

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    Keep Your Pets in Mind

    Maintaining a real yard is tough enough, but presents a whole other problem for proud pet owners. We can pick out the best artificial turf for you to use with your four-legged friend. You’ll need a lawn that drains quite well and can stand up to the days of play you’ll enjoy with your pet. That’s where we can help!

    Water Conservation

    As we all know, water conservation is becoming more and more relevant in our day and age. You can do your part as a homeowner or a business owner through the installation of artificial grass. Not to mention how much you’ll cut down on utilities! You’ll never need to waste water on your lawn again.

    artificial grass

    Areas We Cover

    artificial grass orange county


    Orange County is best known for Disney and the attractions the area has to offer its residents and tourists alike. Although we can’t forget it has one of the most stunning beaches in the nation! We want to do our part in keeping Orange County beautiful with our amazing artificial grass solutions. While at the same time, helping the area conserve water in the face of the recent droughts.

    artificial grass los angeles


    The busy city of Los Angeles is a place of new beginnings for many people. We look forward to the opportunity to help the city’s diverse residents give their lawns a second chance too! Our turf is pet-friendly and eco-friendly, making it ideal for parks and homes in a place where people are committed to taking care of each other, their pets, and the planet!

    artificial grass inland empire


    Inland Empire has become riddled with fees for natural grass and even limitations of new homes’ natural grass. This has certainly taken a toll on the area’s landscaping beauty. However, with the help of our respected professional team, Inland Empire can become a place of scenic beauty once more at a cost-efficient rate by using artificial grass!

    artificial grass santa barbara


    Santa Barbara is already a beautiful location, nestled just along the coast and the Ynez mountains. Tourists and locals both have jaw-dropping views to enjoy. With the incorporation of artificial grass, this city can become even more stunning! Our company is proud to lend a hand in adding to the beauty of this already gorgeous setting.

    artificial grass san diego


    San Diego is home to Balboa Park, the site of the renowned San Diego Zoo, as well as various art galleries, artist studios, museums, and gardens. This extravagant city is an ideal location for artificial turf to bring it’s already gorgeous views to another level and we’re the best company to get the job done!

    artificial grass santa cruz


    Santa Cruz is a city that offers some of California’s richest history. While this city is marvelous on its own, we can help liven up the area even more with our artificial turf. Thus making communities and businesses both look better than ever before! All the while helping property values soar higher and increasing curb appeal!

    Want To Learn More About

    How Artificial Grass Works

    Our team of trusted experts at Artificial Grass Los Angeles will ensure you have your dream yard in the most efficient way possible. We start with meticulous preparation, which includes applying a weed killer when and where necessary. Our experts then remove a layer of topsoil and compact the remaining soil until it’s smooth and level. This is all accomplished while keeping proper drainage in mind. We can then lay down a base of sand or gravel to ensure a soft, smooth finish for your new yard.

    Our team will add infill and then water down the artificial grass until it is set. We can also stretch the turf, if needed, to make your synthetic grass fit to the exact specifications of your landscape. Finally, we place the border that marks the finishing touches of your new, dream lawn!

    110,000-130,000 gallons of water a year…and a green lawn isn’t guaranteed.

    In addition, installing artificial grass will also improve our air pollution. It is said that 1 lawn mower emits as much pollution as
    11 cars traveling for 1 hour, which makes up 5% of our pollution in the US

    artificial grass fiber grass


    Your grass will stay green all year long! These fibers are resistant to weathering and fading from UV rays.

    artificial grass shock membrane


    With this added layer for shock absorbance, your new lawn will be softer than ever!

    artificial grass geotextitle membrane


    If you want anything in an artificial lawn, it’s durability. Our grass is designed to withstand all kinds of wear and tear!

    Less Maintenance

    With an artificial yard, you’ll never have to worry about cutting, watering, or fertilizing ever again, saving you time and money.

    artificial grass maintenance

    Year-round Green

    It can be so disappointing in the winter months when the grass begins to die off and turn brown. With artificial grass that’s never an issue.

    artificial grass year green

    Excellent Drainage

    Artificial yards are designed with drainage in mind. There’s no worry of muddy puddles to be tracked in by you or your pets.

    artificial grass drain

    No Need for Chemicals

    There is no need for harmful chemicals like pesticides after having a synthetic lawn installed.

    artificial grass chemical
    artificial grass benefits
    artificial grass pollution

    Reduces Pollution

    Without the need for a lawnmower, you can reduce your own output of air pollution tremendously.

    artificial grass nonflammable


    Accidents happen, and with a dried out yard, that can be devastating. Artificial turf is nonflammable so you’ll never have to worry again.

    artificial grass realistic

    Realistic Appearance

    If you’re worried about your yard looking “fake,” worry no more as our products like just like the real thing.

    artificial grass rebates

    Los Angeles Rebates

    When using artificial grass, the city of Los Angeles can give residents rebates on their water bills.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You have questions and we have answers. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have about artificial grass or the installation process.

    What is artificial grass made of?

    Artificial turf is typically made with a mixture of polypropylene and polyethylene, which is formed into synthetic fibers to look like natural grass. Then it is combined with rubber granules and silica sand to assist in holding the blades upright.

    Is synthetic grass safe for my children?

    An artificial lawn is completely safe for children and is an excellent choice for playgrounds. Some synthetic grass is softer than natural grass. As a result, when your child experiences a fall during playtime it’s less likely to end with an injury It produces no pollen, so kids will possibly see a decrease in allergies.

    Will installing artificial turf help increase my property values?

    According to home financial experts, an investment in quality landscaping, such as artificial grass, adds value to your home or business from up to 100% of your expenses to double your initial investment. Not to mention a low-maintenance yard is a major factor in selling a home quickly.

    How much maintenance and upkeep does an artificial lawn need?

    Synthetic grass is low-maintenance and easy to keep looking bright and fresh. You will need to wash it down from time to time with a garden hose, more so if you have pets. You may also need to brush it with a broom or a gentle, plastic rake to help keep high traffic areas from becoming trampled.