How Artificial Grass is

Better for Pets & Kids

How Artificial Grass Is Better For Pets And Kids

Artificial grass has been used for residential lawns for many years now. Most homeowners are aware of the financial benefits of switching to a synthetic yard that doesn’t require any kind of mowing, watering, or fertilizing to look its best.

However, not as many homeowners are aware of how synthetic turf can improve outdoor time for their pets and children. From reducing allergens to softening falls, there are many ways artificial grass can help your pets and kids!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at all the ways synthetic grass is better for pets and children. Keep reading to learn more!

Reduces Allergens

The first allergen concern with a natural lawn is being allergic to natural grass. Suppose your child or children are allergic to grass. In that case, artificial grass is a clear choice for giving your kids the opportunity to enjoy a childhood playing outside without all the negatives of an allergic reaction, such as itchy rashes, watery eyes, and running noses.

However, a grass allergy isn’t the only way synthetic turf can help. Artificial turf can reduce other allergens, such as seasonal allergies caused by pollen, as well as mold and mildew that can form in natural grass that doesn’t drain properly. In addition, as artificial grass reduces weeds and other unwanted plant life from your yard, it can drastically reduce the amount of pollen in your yard. Synthetic grass is also designed with proper drainage in mind to mitigate the problem of standing water and the concern of mold and mildew growth.

No Toxins or Harsh Chemicals Necessary
A common misconception of artificial grass is that it has toxic ingredients simply because it is synthetic. However, this isn’t the case. Synthetic turf is designed with safety in mind and contains no harmful toxins in its makeup. Not to mention, as artificial grass stays green all year long, there’s no need to use harmful chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers to keep it healthy, making your yard much safer for young children and animals alike!
Soft, Comfy, and Fun Outdoor Play

One of the most significant advantages of having an artificial lawn is that it’s uniformly soft and fluffy. Whereas a natural yard can have rough spots, weeds, and prickly plants that can turn a fun time outside for your children or pets into an hour of pulling little thorns out of their feet or paws.

Artificial yards are soft, comfy, and have padding installed underneath that gives the ideal amount of cushion and lessens the impact of falls. This comfortability gives children and pets the perfect place to play for hours on end!

Quick and Easy Clean-up
As we’ve already mentioned, artificial yards are installed with proper drainage in place. This allows liquids to pass through and drain from your yard, including pet urine, spilled drinks, or other accidental messes. If your pet urinates or a child spills something on your artificial grass, it’ll drain the majority of the mess, and all you have to do is give the spot a quick spray to rinse any residue away to avoid unwanted odors. Picking up pet messes is the same as it would be in a natural yard. Simply scoop up the mess, dispose of it, and rinse off the spot where they did their business with a water hose. This easy clean-up will keep your yard safe and sanitary for your kids and pets!
Wrapping Up
Aside from saving homeowners money, artificial grass can remarkably improve the fun, safety, and comfort of your kids and pets playing on your lawn. By reducing allergens, containing no toxins, requiring no harsh chemicals, providing a soft play surface, and sporting quick and easy clean-up, artificial grass is much better for your pets and children!