Common Misconceptions About

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass, or synthetic turf, is one trend in landscaping that’s increasing in popularity every day. However, this rise to fame has raised many misconceptions about artificial grass that dissuaded some homeowners from making the switch.

That’s why we’ve listed some of those misconceptions below to clarify any confusion there may be for homeowners. Continue reading to learn more below!

Artificial Grass is Unattractive

Many people think that artificial grass will make their property look bad compared to natural grass. This can make them even warier when considering the importance of property value. A landscape that looks unsightly means a property that has decreased in value.

However, synthetic turf can actually make yards more attractive, contrary to the misconception. Artificial lawns will stay green all year long, and with today’s varieties of grass, they look incredibly realistic. These qualities make synthetic yards all the more attractive!

Synthetic Turf is Overly Expensive
This is one of the more common misconceptions about artificial grass, but it does need a further explanation. Synthetic turf is more expensive than sod. However, the upkeep for natural grass will cost much more than artificial turf year after year through maintenance and landscaping.

This is where synthetic grass shines as it doesn’t require continuous mowing, watering, fertilizer, or pesticides to keep it healthy. As a result, artificial grass is cheaper than natural grass in the long run, despite the higher installation cost.

It’s Not Pet-friendly

This misconception is based on the love that our pets have for grass, whether it’s natural or artificial. Most people think that cats and dogs won’t like the feeling of the grass, or that their messes will ruin the artificial turf. However, synthetic grass is actually perfect for pets!

Dogs will still roll in the yard and play in the grass just as they would natural lawns, and cats don’t seem to notice the difference either. Artificial grass is durable, too, so pets won’t damage it when they’re playing outside. The superior drainage that a synthetic yard affords allows for quick and easy clean up when your pets make a mess in the grass.

It’s Hard to Clean
As we covered with pets, synthetic turf is quite easy to clean. The majority of artificial grass options have a mesh drainage liner that allows liquids to pass through it. Weather and pet messes will not harm the artificial yard.

Not to mention, as the blades don’t grow, your grass will be low enough to find any solid debris, kid’s toys, or anything else that doesn’t belong. When a synthetic lawn gets dirty, you can simply hose the soiled area down, and you’re finished!

Artificial Lawns are Dull and Boring
Our final misconception is that some people think artificial grass looks dull and boring. Even though synthetic turf doesn’t need fertilizers and mulch, it can still be a highly versatile yard. The vibrant green of the artificial grass will make your yard stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. You can even transform your backyard into putting green to add some entertainment to your landscape.

Trees and flowerbeds can still be planted in an artificial lawn as well. All that’s needed is to ensure that the tree or flower bed area has the proper irrigation capability to keep your plants watered.

Final Thoughts
Now that you know the truth about these widespread misconceptions about artificial grass, you can make an educated decision on whether or not to make the switch yourself! Keep in mind that artificial grass can beautify your landscape, is more affordable than maintaining a natural yard, is pet-friendly, easy-to-clean, and highly versatile!